With knit, technology is seamlessly woven into your organization.

Your IT systems shouldn’t feel aggravating, overwhelming, or unpredictable.
In fact, your technology shouldn’t feel like anything at all… It should just work.

knit addresses your IT frustrations with expert support.
of C-suite executives are frustrated with their IT systems.

Maybe technology at work exasperates you… But you aren’t sure how to find better solutions.
Fortunately, we do.

Businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs rely on knit for professional IT support.

knit offers managed support services to connect your team, tech, and work.

Nonprofit Services

We work with nonprofits, social enterprises, and other mission-driven organizations to offer affordable technology services.

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Cloud Services

knit plans and coordinates your infrastructure migration, converting software systems and data from your physical servers to cloud resources.

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IT Infrastructure Management

We ensure your technological resources, including servers and software, run exactly the way you need by using infrastructure-as-code methods and configuration management.
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Software Development

Our team develops custom APIs, web applications, mobile apps, web portals, SaaS platforms, reporting systems, and more for your business.

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Data and Software Migration

Whether you need to transfer data to a new database, switch your infrastructure to a new operating system, or find support for something in between, knit has you covered.

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Security Evaluation & Testing

We use advanced intelligence gathering techniques to probe for vulnerabilities and implements PCI DSS-compliant security against ransomware, malware, and data breaches.

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Disaster Recovery Plans

knit develops a business continuity plan so you can resume normal operations within your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) after a power outage, server failure, or other disaster.

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Business Process Automation

Our team develops custom cost saving solutions which automate and streamline the repetitive tasks that eat up your day.

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Technology Strategies

We map out a multiyear strategy to transform the way technology supports your organization, including an internal IT policy, hardware replacement plans, cloud migration assessments, and more.

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Ongoing Support

knit acts as your company’s outsourced IT department to answer technology questions, proactively pursue better solutions, and troubleshoot any issues your business experiences along the way.

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