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How much time does your company lose each day through inefficient processes, like outdated systems for managing projects and receiving customer requests? Most of the businesses we work with can increase profits and save time on tedious tasks with custom software.
Custom software can improve profitability.

What types of custom software can improve profitability?

Your company can lower its overhead costs with custom software that reduces the time required to complete regular tasks. This software may include:

There are countless opportunities for improving your workflow with custom software, and knit can narrow down the best options for your business.

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knit does custom software development.

How does custom software development work?

knit uses best practices in software engineering like Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), and a modern development pipeline to build custom software.

Here’s an example:
Recently, we worked with an environmental organization to develop a web application they could use to share data with funders, scientists, and other stakeholders. The organization needed a custom web app because no search engine or shared database existed for distributing their conservation research.

In our initial meetings, we learned about the organization’s requirements for the web app, including:

  • The categories and types of data which need to be stored
  • The types of queries users need to run
  • Filters users need to narrow down relevant information
  • The types of maps, charts, and graphs needed to display data

After creating the initial web application, we used the client’s feedback to make modifications and publish the final version.

By creating a custom web application,
  • Our client is able to automatically make research available for all their stakeholders.
  • The organization’s staff saves immeasurable time that would have been required to provide requested information from the 2,600 stakeholders per month who use the application.
  • The transparency provided through the web app helps the organization obtain new contracts as they build trust with federal, state, and local government agencies.
How would custom software make your company more profitable?
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