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There's a lot of buzz among business owners about moving their IT infrastructure “to the cloud,” but this process is more complicated than simply moving all your data and processes over to a cloud-based platform like AWS, Azure, or GCP.
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Can your company save money with the cloud?

Business owners usually want to migrate to the cloud as a cost saving measure. However, transitioning to the cloud is not guaranteed to cut overhead expenses. Your company may benefit from a cloud based infrastructure if:
  • You work with massive amounts of data
  • You need more than one physical server
  • You current IT infrastructure is colocated
  • Your industry is heavily regulated
  • Your team works remotely
knit can help you decide whether a cloud migration would benefit your bottom line. Even if a cloud infrastructure isn't right for you, we can help identify other cost saving measures to lower your overhead.
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What are the other benefits of the cloud?

In addition to cost savings, the cloud may offer benefits like:
  • Agility — Your business can scale up or down quickly without the hassle of figuring out how to add or remove physical hardware.
  • Resilience — When unexpected regulations arise or you need to swiftly shift course, cloud systems are easy to update.
  • Speed — An efficient cloud platform allows you to integrate all your information sources (also known as sources of truth) so you can run reports in a snap.
  • Less Maintenance — Corporations which offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS) take care of the hardware storage, electricity, and monitoring so you can focus on running your business.
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How does cloud migration work?

Moving to the cloud will look different for every business, but here’s an example of how we recently supported a corporation in the automotive industry:

This company owned several database servers, a proxy server, and a monitoring platform. The company needed to add an additional server to their infrastructure to fulfill industry regulations. Purchasing and maintaining this hardware was very expensive, so knit facilitated a data and software migration to the cloud.

Without knit’s support, the corporation would have purchased a new $10,000 physical database server, which also would have required an additional $500 each month to cover the colocation costs of electricity, bandwidth, and a location to store the server.

As a result of the cloud migration,
  • Our client will have saved a minimum of $8,600 in just their first year of using cloud servers.
  • They eliminated the cost of maintenance and upkeep of their old physical servers and monitoring platform.
  • We were also able to take the company’s old hardware so it could be donated to a qualified nonprofit organization, allowing the corporation to take advantage of tax benefits and develop a cause marketing campaign.
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