IT Infrastructure Management

At your company, who is in charge of ensuring your IT equipment and systems always operate effectively? How would you know if your equipment has failed or is failing, or if there were cheaper options available for you? When you hire knit to oversee your company’s IT infrastructure management, we can identify potential IT issues, cost saving opportunities, and better IT equipment for your business operations.
IT infrastructure management by knit.

What is IT Infrastructure Management?

IT Infrastructure Management (IM) involves the oversight and maintenance of your company’s IT components, such as servers, computers, tablets, databases, software, and more. IT infrastructure management functions can include:

  • Overseeing administration of IT systems and components
  • Configuring and managing networks
  • Maintaining data storage resources and improving data centers
  • Identifying weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and gaps in the IT infrastructure
  • Preventing IT systems failures
  • Ensuring all IT components are secure and up to date>
  • Researching new elements to integrate into the IT infrastructure
  • Integrating new applications and other IT components into the infrastructure
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Does you business really need IT infrastructure management?

What types of businesses need IT infrastructure management?

Ideally, every company would be able to hire someone with IT infrastructure management experience to oversee their IT systems. However, it isn’t feasible for many small businesses to find a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), or outside vendor like knit to take over these tasks. As a good rule of thumb, we recommend your business invest in IT infrastructure management if:

  • Your company runs its own servers,
  • Your company runs its own software in-house because of industry regulations or your business’s own unique needs,
  • Or cloud software licensing has become prohibitively expensive because you need the cloud to support more users than you want to pay for each month.

If you’re still not sure whether you need IT infrastructure management services, we would be happy to answer your questions through email or over the phone.

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Customized IT infrastructure management.

How does IT infrastructure management work?

IT infrastructure management can be customized for your business so you only pay for the services you really need. Ongoing management of your existing IT systems can generally be priced at a regular monthly rate, and then you can add on additional services as needed when major changes need to take place.

For example, we had a client who required about three hours per week of routine maintenance of their IT systems. After working with us for several months, they let us know they wanted to buy an expensive new server because they were running out of processing power with their existing servers to run all of their websites. We found a more cost-efficient solution; instead of purchasing a new physical server, we were able to make adjustments allowing them to run all their websites with their existing IT infrastructure. (In technical terms, we changed their architecture from scale-up to scale-out so they could use a single load balancer for their websites.)

With our IT infrastructure management services,

  • Our client saved a minimum of $7,500 because they didn’t have to purchase a new physical server.
  • The simplified architecture reduces the costs of our client’s ongoing IT infrastructure management.

The new IT architecture also prepared our client for a future cloud migration, which will lead to further cost savings down the road.

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