Business Process Automation

What repetitive tasks do you and your employees have to complete every day or week to keep your business running? How much time and profit could your company save by automating these processes? Business process automation cuts out unnecessary repetition for all kinds of tasks, from the boring and mundane to the most complicated and time-consuming.
knit provides automated business processes for clients.

What types of business processes can be automated?

knit can automate processes across every department in your company. The specific types of automation vary greatly between different businesses and industries, but some of the most common tasks we automate include:

  • Compiling reports — We can automate report generation for accounting and financial reports, sales metrics, employee performance reviews, and more. We can even set custom filters depending on the information each different party needs from the reports, or different levels of security permissions for each viewer.
  • Macros — A macro is a repetitive pattern of keystrokes or mouse clicks you perform over and over again to accomplish a task. For example, if you have to use the same set of keystrokes to execute the same Excel function in different spreadsheets, we can combine that sequence of keystrokes into one easy keyboard shortcut to help you save time.
  • Project management — We can create a workflow system to facilitate each step in your project management processes. We can use your current software (such as Gmail, Slack, and Asana) to move projects through a series of defined steps (such as getting approvals from leaders, uploading and reviewing documents, and notifying people of new assigned tasks).
  • Marketing drip campaigns — A drip campaign refers to a series of pre-written messages you need to send to an audience at specific times. For example, if you need to send a series of introductory email messages to help new customers learn about your company, we can automate this process so you don’t have to personally send out those emails each time you obtain a new client.
  • And more — We work with your leaders to identify repetitive, time-consuming tasks which could be facilitated (or even completely taken over) by your IT systems. Schedule a free call with us to learn how we can automate your company’s processes.
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Customized automation services by knit.

How does automation work?

Business process automation looks different for every company because your systems are completely unique to your team. Here’s an example of an automation project we recently completed for a client:

This company works in the business services industry, and they bill clients at an hourly rate. Each of their client projects may require work from between one and three team members, and every team member works with several projects at a time. We automated the employees’ time tracking process to generate monthly reports which track:

  • Each employee’s time spent on each client project
  • Total combined work time spent on each client project
  • Total combined work for each employee

By automating the time tracking process,

  • Each employee saves an estimated 15% of their monthly work hours generating their own time reports.
  • Our client saves up to $2,160 per month after accounting for their employees’ time savings. Employees report greater job satisfaction because they can avoid mundane time tracking tasks.
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