Full service data migration

We worked with a meteorology company which needed their database software upgraded because they hadn’t made any major updates in ten years. After discovering several performance issues in their online platform, we researched solutions and found that upgrading their database would be the easiest and most cost effective response.

We coordinated the database upgrade overnight to avoid disrupting the company’s workday. Then we carried out the migration of their data to the new database and performed tests to ensure the new system functioned properly.

From beginning to end, this upgrade and migration process only required four hours of work which were completed outside the company’s office hours, so the company never experienced downtime in their normal operations.

By upgrading to new database software,

  • Our client can perform database tasks at 2-3x their previous speed.
  • The new database offers dozens of new functionality features, like the ability to store JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data directly in the database.
  • The new database is also able to receive updates from the developer, such as bug fixes and security patches, to maintain high performance. Their previous database was so old that it was no longer supported by the developer.

Business owners often procrastinate when investing in a new database or operating system because the cost seems prohibitive, and the resulting data migration or software migration process feels daunting. Though the cost of databases and operating systems varies greatly depending on your industry and needs, there are a few cost saving techniques we always recommend.